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What we do

At Vital, we provide chiropractic care to suit your individual needs.  Whether you are looking for pain relief or for preventative health care, we are ready and willing to serve.  Let us help you on your health journey so that you can get back to the life you want and deserve! 

Why we do it 

We believe everyone deserves health and wellness!  We believe the root of that is through the nervous system.  The spine is the home of this system and we believe it is vitally important to keep a healthy and aligned spine so that the nervous system can do it's job uninterrupted and with no interference.

How we do it 

As chiropractors, we undergo extensive schooling and training to  identify the areas of the spine that may need to be adjusted.  We look at posture, muscle tone, and movement to see where the problem is.  We then apply a gentle and effective thrust to correct the problem which allows the nerves to flow freely and function at their optimum!

What we Treat 



Senior Yoga Class

Wellness Care




Neck and Back pain



Kids Running

Kids and pediatrics

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