Meet the Doctor

Dr. Tanner Ruberg, DC

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Doctor Tanner Ruberg is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic.  She was born and raised in Fairfield Ohio where she attended and played soccer for Fairfield High school.  She went on to play soccer at Western Kentucky University later transferring to play at Northern Kentucky University where she earned her bachelors in arts and sciences

It was during Dr. Ruberg's soccer career that lead her to find chiropractic care.  She was severely injured during training in high school which kept her out of the game.  She sought help from orthopedics and other doctors to find a diagnosis.  Unfortunately, none of those doctors could find a reason for her pain.  It was then someone mentioned she should see a chiropractor for help.  On the first visit the doctor was able to find out what was wrong and come up with a treatment plan to fix the problem.  Within 3 weeks Dr. Ruberg was back on the field which ultimately led to full ride scholarships.  This first experience of chiropractic care is what changed her life and set her on the path of becoming a chiropractor herself.  

Dr. Ruberg believes everyone deserves health and wellness.  She is excited, ready, and willing to serve you through chiropractic care to help keep you in your game!

What is Chiropractic Care 

Chiropractic care is a holistic approach to health care by assisting the bodies innate ability to heal itself.  Innate intelligence is the bodies way of functioning, healing, energizing, and metabolizing everything that we are and do.  This intelligence is controlled by the nervous system.  The nervous system is made up of the brain, spinal cord, and millions of nerves that innervate every part or our bodies such as organs, and muscles.  The major protector of this system is the spine.  Every nerve flows through the spine and leaves it via specific openings. 

It is extremely important that the nerves flow freely without compromise so that they can signal to the tissues they are meant to serve.  These signals travel from the brain through the spine to the tissue and back to the brain.  These signals are very fast.  If the signal is compromised it is slow and sluggish.  This can be harmful to what it is innervating by causing it to be less functional or not receiving a signal at all.  If these fixations are not addressed and the nerve is compromised for long periods of time, it will ultimately lead not only to pain but unhealthy and diseased body systems.







As chiropractors, we assess the body as a whole unit that functions and moves as one.  While assessing the spine, we check it's movement and positioning to make sure that there are no areas that are "stuck" in improper positions.  These improper positions effect the spaces  the nerves pass through.  If the spine is out of position or "alignment" it compromises the spaces by making them smaller and less mobile which is called a "fixation."   When we find these areas we will apply a specific and gentle thrust.  This allows the spine to restore it's proper movement and open the space back to it's normal position.

Along with adjustments, we look at the muscular system and how it is functioning and effecting the bones that they are attached to.  Muscle imbalances and tightness have a direct effect on the structure of your body pulling and tugging on every joint. We will implement muscle work with a massage gun or manual trigger point therapy to allow the muscles to become more balanced which will help to restore the structure of your body.  With a combined treatment of Chiropractic adjustments and muscle work we are confident  to relieve your pain and give you back the life you want and deserve! 


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